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Unpacking the Enneagram 1w9 Type

What is the Enneagram 1w9 personality type? What are its key traits, strengths, weaknesses and fears? We’ll answer these questions in this article.

This is one of the 18 Enneagram Wing Types, which don’t exhibit traits of just one profile, but are blends of two adjacent types.

enneagram 1w9

What is the Enneagram 1w9?

First, let’s clarify what the Enneagram 1w9 is. It means an Enneagram 1 with a 9 Wing. It helps if you understand the 9 Enneagram Profiles in some depth before understanding the wing types, but we’ll mention their core traits here.

If you have a 1w9 personality type, it means you’re predominantly an Enneagram 1, but exhibit some traits from the adjacent profile, number 9. You might also be a pure 1, or a 1w2.

If you want an approximation of what a 1w9 looks like, take the core 1 and 9 traits and blend them together, with 1 dominating. If you know somebody who is primarily a 1 but has significant traits of 9, they might well be a 1w9.

The folks at found that 5.3% of Enneagram 1s exhibit a 9 wing, compared to the 30.9% who are 1w2 and the remaining 63.9% who are pure 1s, so this is a very rare type.

Core Traits of the 1w9

The 1w9 maintains the core attributes of 1 (The Perfectionist or The Reformer), so is driven to make positive change and influence the world, but is softened by the supplementary attributes of 9 (The Peacemaker or The Mediator), like the desire for peace and stability. It’s variously called the Idealist, the Optimist and the Balanced Perfectionist.

In essence, the 1w9 wants to improve things and effect change, but not at the expense of harmony and stability. It seeks perfection and corrects injustice like other type 1 Perfectionists, but in a more reserved way. It seeks harmonious outcomes and tries not to rock the boat as it brings them about.

Type 1s fear corruption and immorality, while Type 9s fear separation and discord. Blend those together, and you conclude the 1w9 fears being immoral behaviour, corruption, discrimination and discord. It also fears being ineffective and feels empty when it’s not impacting the world.

Its basic desire is to bring things to their highest version while maintaining peace. It seeks justice, equality, love and admiration.

Deeper Into This Type

The 1w9 is sensitive, principled and just, and has a strong moral compass. It can easily discern right from wrong, so it has a strong antenna for conflict and negativity, and is concerned for others’ well-being. It defends the rights of others and cares for those around it.

The 9 Wing gives this type an air of calm. It’s less aggressive and confrontational than a typical Type 1.

Its attunement to injustice means it can be critical of others and the world. Yet it doesn’t want to stir things up, so it may not directly express its feelings, and can become passive-aggressive when these two desires rub each other. Its 1 Core means it’s imaginative and idealistic, while the 9 influence makes it difficult for a 1w9 to accept the cold realities of life and to tolerate negativity. This type can get lost in its idealism.

The 1w9 wants to devote its life to a meaningful cause, take action and stand out. It wants to find its power and convert it into action. Its action is based on its ideals and its convincing image of a better future, and it’s more peaceful in its problem-solving than a regular Type 1.

This type flourishes in open, non-judgmental environments. Idealistic and peaceful, it tends to cover away from conflict and be sensitive to criticism. Thus, the life of the 1w9 is a paradox. It wants to make change happen, but its peaceful nature means it won’t step on people’s toes in the process. It gets caught between these two conflicting demands, and that’s the great challenge of this Type.

While its high standards for the world mean it can flourish as a peaceful changemaker, it also sets a high bar for itself. This may drive it to greater achievements, but it can also feel insufficient, insecure, frustrated, and impatient. Inevitably its high standards collide with cold, hard reality and this creates tension.

I’ve found that this Type can be surprisingly intolerant and conflictive towards those who are intolerant and conflictive. It can be aggressive in its desire for harmony. It can overlook the fact that some situations are beyond repair and that the best solution is to let things be.

This Type flourishes in roles such as social worker, environmentalist and guidance counsellor.

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