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The Enneagram 2w3 Type Summarised

What is the Enneagram 2w3 personality type? What are its key traits, strengths, weaknesses and fears? We’ll answer these questions in this article.

This is one of the 18 Enneagram Wing Types, which don’t exhibit traits of just one profile, but blends two adjacent ones. The 2w3 is a blend of the Enneagram 2 and the Enneagram 3, which are both Heart types.

We’ll start by talking about how this profile is composed of 2 and 3, then talk about its core traits. We’ll round off with a field manual for the Enneagram 2w3: a summary of its core strengths, weaknesses, fears and desires.

What is the Enneagram 2w3 Type?

First, let’s clarify what the Enneagram 2w3 is. It means an Enneagram 2 with a 3 Wing. It helps if you understand the 9 Enneagram Profiles in some depth.

If you have a 2w3 personality, it means you’re predominantly an Enneagram 2, but exhibit some traits from the adjacent profile, number 3. It’s also possible to be a pure 2, or a 2w1.

If you want an approximation of what a 2w3 looks like, take the core 2 and 3 traits and blend them together, with 2 dominating. If you know somebody who is primarily a 2 but has significant traits of 3, they might well be a 2w3.

The folks at found that only 6% of Enneagram 2s exhibit a 3 wing: a minimal amount. 61.1% are pure 2s, while the other wing type, 2w1, makes up the remaining 32.8%.

Remember, the 2w3 is predominantly a 2 but shows significant 3 traits.

2s (Helpers) are empathetic, caring, and desire to be loved and appreciated, while 3s (Achievers) are industrious, goal-oriented and driven.

The 2w3 is predominantly a 2, so are empathetic and caring, but the 3 wing means they exhibit some of the core Achiever traits. This gives the 2w3 a striving, goal-focused bend. They tend to excel in their field and measure their self-worth through their achievements more than a typical 2 does.

In a nutshell, the 2w3 cares for others and seeks acceptance but is also motivated by targets and externals.

For your information, I refer to personality types as “it” because they’re abstract profiles derived from real-world data, detached from any one person. Though the Enneagram possess huge explanatory power, nobody is a cookie-cutter 2w3.

The Core Traits

The Enneagram 2w3 Type is called the Host or the Hostess because it is charismatic, cares for the group, and sets a direction. Its basic desire is to be loved and accepted while achieving its goals

The 2w3 is ambitious and upbeat thanks to its 3 wing. It’s more self-assertive, organised and focused than a core 2.

Thanks to the Core 2 influence, it adds altruism to this ambitious goal-orientation. Rather than striving and achieving for its own sake, it desires to make a difference in the world. It looks outwards to the needs of others, figures out how it can best serve them, and then channels its efforts to that end.

The combination of altruism and achievement strikes me as a particularly beautiful and powerful force. I believe we’re subtly educated to strive for achievement and to build a personal castle while being selfish and indifferent to the needs of others. This is a win-lose mentality; the 2w3 takes the win-win approach. This is remarkably positive and refreshing.

As you’d expect from a 2-dominated personality, the 3-wing version is people-oriented, empathetic and sociable, and excels at building quality connections with people. It tends to base its decisions on emotions rather than logic and reason.

As with all Enneagram Profiles, there are downsides to the 2w3. For one thing, since its primary drive is to help others and improve their lives in some way, it fears being rejected by others. This means it can be acquiescent and sensitive to criticism. Interpersonal tension and conflicting views are intolerable.

The 2w3 also doesn’t want to be perceived as unhelpful or useless. It needs to be recognised as both successful and altruistic. As a result, it can wind up helping when it’s not desired, trying to solve problems that don’t exist or trying to change people when they don’t want to or aren’t ready. It’s prone to seek validation to assuage self-doubt and compensate for a lack of self-worth. It can get lost in trying to achieve and move the needle for others that it forgets about its own needs.

Whether we have a 2w3 personality or not, we can learn from its successes and struggles. It’s a universal fact that if our prime directive is to help others, we can forget about ourselves and subsequently make it impossible for ourselves to do so. We tend to think that serving oneself and serving others as polar opposites, when in reality they’re symbiotic.

The best professions for a Host are those that combine altruism with achievement, such as doctor, aid worker, and paramedic.

The Enneagram 2w3 Field Manual

The core fear of the 2w3 is to feel abandoned and alone, unworthy of love and unable to get things done.

Its core drives are to receive love, affection and acceptance from others, and to pursue and achieve goals.

The strengths of the 2w3 are its industriousness and proactiveness, and the fact it directs these traits towards causes that uplift others.

Its weaknesses are its need for love and recognition, its sensitivity to criticism and its oft-excessive focus on others.

The 2w3 is at its best when successfully moving the needle for altruistic, people-centred causes.

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