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I’m Ross Edwards BSc DipBSoM, and welcome to my mindfulness meditation classes at LANO Yoga, Chichester.

Classes at LANO Yoga TBC.

We practice being fully awake, present and embodied. We do this by working with many sensory modes, including the body, thought, sight, sound, emotions and more. In these classes, we practice both in stillness and in movement so you can begin to taste this wakefulness wherever, whenever.

You also get a free guided audio after every class so you can continue cultivating it at home.

LANO Yoga Classes TBC.

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What is a Typical Class Like?

This is a beginner mindfulness meditation class, so we learn the essential techniques and skills to help you get going with meditation.

My classes are simple and practical. I want you to taste the state of mindful awareness yourself, and you get this through practice.

In a typical class, we practice the classic, intense form of meditation by sitting for 20-30 minutes, then we see what it’s like to maintain this state in daily life by doing the same technique while standing and walking.

You receive a free guided meditation after every class, and I invite you to practice both in stillness and in movement every day. This is how you’ll see the most benefit.

Why Practice Meditation?

I’ve published several articles on the power of meditation, including The Benefits of Vipassana Meditation Told From Within, The Science Behind Meditation In Beginners, and The Stunning Long-Term Benefits of Meditation.

And I could reel off report after report of students who’ve had life-changing insights.

To sum up really quicky, mindfulness is about developing presence and awareness. This brings greater:

  • self-mastery: first-hand insight into our inner workings,
  • fulfillment: greater satisfaction from all our experiences,
  • poise: ability to handle stress and difficulty with less problem,
  • self-transcendence: with enough practice, our identify starts to shift away from our limited physical–mental self towards a greater, selfless unity. You’ll see this first-hand, beyond beliefs and ideas.

We achieve this by:

  • being brave,
  • learning to sit with ourselves and all our inner material, whether it’s pleasant or unpleasant,
  • paying close attention to our experience and bringing clarity to it,
  • cultivating beginner’s mind: seeing every moment as new and fresh,
  • practicing on and off the cushion.

Meditation @ Lano Yoga, Chichester: Are These Classes For You?

Meditation has a slew of benefits that are now confirmed by world-class science, but in a sense we don’t reach them through effort and forcing.

And from another perspective, meditation is an art, a practice we can do for its own sake, rather than simply a means to an end. This is the mistake many newcomers make.

This is not a relaxation class. As John Kabat-Zinn said, “Meditation is not relaxation spelled differently.” We aren’t here to achieve a special emotional state, or clear our mind, or to run away from our difficulties.

We’re “trying” to achieve the state of awareness, of clarity. I promise you: this is where transformation lies. And the good news is we can reach this state no matter what we’re experiencing.

Don’t judge meditation based on your immediate emotional or mental state. Judge it by the shifts you experience, in daily life, after weeks, months, and years of dedication.