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Welcome to Deep Psychology, I’m Ross Edwards BSc DipBSoM.

We do deep psychological work to experience profound, enduring inner transformation.

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Deep Psychology is about developing a deep and intimate understanding of our inner workings.

We are made for change. Being human means having this extraordinary body and mind that we dcan creatively and purposely sculpt.

With Deep Psychology, we become master sculpters, intentionally shaping our lives and refining ourselves such that we are 10x more fulfilled. This has a reverberating effect on everyone and everything we touch.

To do this, we must master ourselves and gain exquisite insight into the human condition. This is the work we undertake daily with passion and love.

This is The Deep Psychology project.


I’m Ross Edwards BSc DipBSoM, founder of Deep Psychology. I’m a writer, coach, course creator, entrepreneur, fervent autodidact, long-term meditator, and lifelong student of human beings.

My mission is to help people master themselves psychologically and live life 10x fuller.

After experiencing painful life events, terrible addictions, lack of purpose, mental problems and health issues, and realising my sheer inability to cope with them, I decided enough was enough. I needed to change, big time.

As such, I’ve gone through years of inner psychological work including shadow work, introspection, meditation, studying, dream therapy, subconscious rewiring, journalling, psychedelic therapy, and personality profiling.

This work transformed me completely and continues to do so. I feel resilient, healthy, aligned, authentic and wise, and empowered to keep refining myself.

Now I spend my days immersed in these topics so that I can create new tools for personal development enthusiasts like you.

Ready to start your journey?


Deep Psychology is here to help you deeply understand your inner workings and experience enormous personal change.

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