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Online Mindfulness Coach – Why Working With Me Is Powerful

Hello, I’m Ross Edwards DipBSoM BSc – let’s talk about why it’s powerful to work with an online mindfulness coach and introduce my MIND Mindfulness Coaching programme.

I’m a double-certified mindfulness teacher working in the UK. I lead the Chichester Mindfulness Tribe and run classes at the University of Chichester. I’m also the founder of the Deep Psychology website and podcast.

As I guide more and more students through the same meditation journey I went through, I realise just how transformative meditation is.

Working with an online mindfulness coach takes it to the next level.

In my 10-week MIND programme, you craft your own coaching goals, get personalised guided meditations to help you reach them, and work with me to strategically improve your life using mindfulness as the main tool. You simply don’t get this level of attention in standard meditation classes or on the popular apps.

“I can’t thank you enough for your help. These sessions are amazing!”

Let’s dive deeper into my service and why it’s powerful.

Learn Essential Mindfulness Techniques

First of all, with me you’ll learn essential mindfulness techniques in a structured programme. Every week we cover new themes and build on what we’ve already learned. You learn life skills that are simply essential for wellbeing and skillful living.

Mindfulness is a set of skills you can use to act skillfully, know yourself deeply, and see beyond your usual sense of self. These will prove essential not only for reaching the goals you set at the beginning of the programme, but for the rest of your life. The more you train, the stronger you become.

After doing 1500+ hours of sitting meditation, along with lots of meditation during daily life, I’m so glad that I’ve learned these skills. I don’t have to go to others in search of flimsy solutions to my issues. Nobody can take these skills from me, and I keep building them day after day.

Once these skills are inbuilt, you’ll have access to them wherever and whenever, and you can continue building them for the rest of your life.

You also get access to free guided audios so you can practice every day at home. Try out a free guided meditation right now:

Start Incorporating Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life Right Away

Practicing meditation during daily life is a crucial part of all my public meditation work and my online mindfulness coaching. Here’s why.

When you start the meditation journey, you usually need to be in a quiet environment, doing nothing else but meditating. This helps you become acquainted with it and master the essential skills.

But as your practice grows, you realise the need to bring your meditation into all aspects of life: to the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

When you do this enough, meditation becomes automatic, and the line between your life and meditation beautifully blur.

As such, in my MIND coaching we begin bridging the gap between meditation and daily life as soon as possible. We train ourselves to skillfully use these techniques and hold meditative awareness during daily life.

Eventually, we want to become a “monk in the world”: we can maintain meditation states inwardly, while outwardly leading a normal life. If you reach this stage in your practice, you’ll have experienced a profound transformation.

My Online Mindfulness Coach Service is Personalised To You

MIND isn’t a bogstandard 10-week programme that I rinse and repeat for all students.

Instead, we work together to establish your needs and craft your goals, then I plan out the 10 weeks so that you get the maximum possible benefit. The techniques you learn will be directly applicable to your current challenges and goals.

Unlike traditional therapy, MIND is collaborative. During the sessions we dedicate a significant amount of time to Q&A so that I deeply understand your needs and can give specific advice that’s tailored for you. I challenge you and point out areas of new growth and understanding.

The Benefits of Having an Online Mindfulness Coach

The power of meditation is now firmly established by science. I wrote a 4000-word article on the benefits of meditation in beginners – you might like to read it.

But I want to talk about what the benefits will look like for you as you learn, apply and master the techniques we will cover together.

Emotional Resilience

Science tells us that mindfulness strengthens emotional regulation and stress hardiness, which relates to our perception of life situations and how we react to them.

This is because mindfulness gives us a paradigm-shifting way to deal with our difficulties.

We train the crucial skill of being able to watch difficult emotions and thoughts come and go without getting caught up in them. In real time, you train yourself to have a radical new perspective on them. You can see them instead of being them.

With time, you get to the stage where you can simply observe your inner world, without it bothering you, and without needing to change it. You’re less reactive, less driven and less controlled by your thoughts and emotions. We can even derive satisfaction from fully experiencing the unpleasant stuff, knowing we’re essentially free of it.

We’ll look at challenging situations you face and how you can better manage your emotional world so you can act skillfully and remain poised and present amid the difficulty.


Meditation is a tool for psychological cleansing.

By sitting with ourselves and doing these exercises, we shine a light on what’s going on inside our body and mind. With time, this seeps over into everyday life, and we gain dramatic new self-awareness. We truly see ourselves as we are: our strengths, our flaws, our joy, our pain, our addictions, our allergies. All of it is there, alive and illumined.

This first-hand, experiential self-knowledge can only be attained with meditative awareness. It cleans you out, frees you from old habits, and opens you up to your future. And once you have it, nobody can take it from you.

With dedicated practice over months and years, we slowly discover that nothing is outside of us, and that our own perception of life greatly defines what life is for us. This is the start of deep psychological work, and brings an entirely new way of relating to ourselves and the world.

See Beyond Your Self

Our tendency is to identify solely with our personality – the human self that is separate from the world around us and people we know.

We even champion this identification as a positive thing. But much of our suffering comes from it: as the Buddhists know, it’s inherently painful to uphold our sense of self.

With meditation, we start to taste freedom from this limited sense of self. We realise that there are deep, delicious levels to our identity that are waiting to be discovered.

And this new awareness brings a remarkable sense of freedom and safety from the turbulence of the human self.

Online Mindfulness Coach: Book Your Free Consultation

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