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Ebook: Spiral Dynamics Embodied

ebook spiral dynamics embodied: your guide to flourishing on all levels

Take Spiral Dynamics from a handy map to a living, breathing, empowering personal reality with this ebook.

We cover the keys to skillful embodiment of all Spiral Dynamics levels in two key areas of life: career and intimate relationships.

In the process, you’ll uncover deep and surprising aspects of your personality and behaviour, transforming your knowledge of yourself. This will enable you to show up in life with power and poise, taking deliberate, informed action.

Applying this theory to deliberately push ourselves into new territory and re-integrate everything that came before, we create a whole identity that is self-reflective and empowered.

It is my promise that with the help of this guide, you will flourish on all levels, and in doing so experience levels of personal transformation you never imagined possible.

What Is Spiral Dynamics? Here’s An Executive Summary

Spiral Dynamics is a theory of human behaviour applicable to individuals and groups of them, like societies and organisations. It attempts to put human behaviour into a holistic, big-picture framework. What’s more, it provides a roadmap for effectively managing change and working with the different levels of human behaviour the theory posits.

A key assumption behind the theory is that ultimate maturity does not exist, only levels of maturity do. This idea comes from Graves, one of the pioneers whose research led to Spiral Dynamics. Graves wrote: “Damn it all. A man has the right to be who he is.” Ignore the archaic language!

Our behaviour is not good/evil or mature/immature. Instead, it is a spectrum leading from lower to higher. It moves through distinguishable packages or systems as the world around us changes and we adjust to it. In fact, Spiral Dynamics posits that eight such packages or systems of behaviour have emerged in all of human history. Those are the eight vMEMEs.