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I’m Ross Edwards BSc DipBSoM, long-term meditator and double-certified teacher – welcome to my virtual meditation classes.

We’re a community of virtual meditators who meditate together and support one another in our growth process. Regular meditation practice is the glue that binds us together.

What will you gain from meditation?
Much more than a temporary state: you develop scientifically proven skills for powerful presence, abiding peace, and deep self-mastery. These gains will serve you in all situations for years and decades to come.

Upcoming virtual meditation classes TBC

Get inspired! Read more about the benefits of meditation in beginners and advanced meditators.

Virtual Meditation Classes: What to Expect

Committed practice is the best way to develop strong mindfulness skills, so these classes are highly practical, and group meditation is the backbone of what we do. You’ll be fully supported and given all the tools you need to master the techniques we cover.

Every month we go deep into one theme, practicing both stationary and in movement. You get a free guided meditation and article after every class.

To support our work, we also open up for Q&A and opportunities to share our experiences with one another. In doing so, we feel supported and gain extra insight into the practice.

We also cover crucial background material like the science behind meditation, the bigger picture of meditation, and share tips and tricks for effective practice.

Our Classes and Levels

If you’re new to meditation or have struggled to create a consistent practice, I suggest you join my Beginners group. There are 26 beginner classes, running in a half-year cycle. Once you complete the cycle, I recommend you move up a level.

But there’s no need to start at the beginning of a cycle – come along to our next class.

In the Beginners meetings, we master the fundamental mindfulness skills and develop a solid meditation practice.

In Intermediate meetings (TBC), we take those basic skills and start delving deep into our own body and mind, uncovering the potential of meditation.

Your Facilitator for These Virtual Meditation Classes

I’m Ross Edwards BSc DipBSoM, and my mission is to create a community of committed meditation practitioners for mutual support, challenge, and growth in the endeavour of mindfulness.

I’m well acquainted with the learning journey, the need to explain ideas clearly and concisely, and our potential for growth and change, and all of this shines through in my instruction.

I truly believe that with solid commitment and good guidance, we can excel in any area. So you can expect close attention, simple but powerful instructions, and an open heart. I make it my mission to empower students and help them reach their potential.

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My Qualifications and Experience

  • I started meditating in 2016 and have racked up 1500+ hours of sitting practice. I now try my utmost to incorporate it into all aspects of my life.
  • I’m a qualified meditator instructor. I completed my accredited British School of Meditation Teacher Training Certificate in 2018 and am now a member of the British School of Meditation. I adhere to the BSoM Code of Ethics and am insured.
  • I’m a long-term student and practitioner of Unified Mindfulness. I’ve completed the UM Core Training and the UM Foundations of Teaching programme, along with numerous workshops.
  • I’ve created an eight-hour beginners meditation video course with talks, guided meditations and downloadables.
  • I’ve written dozens of meditation articles covering an array of topics, like Transcendental Meditation, Vipasanna Meditation, and Meditation in Daily Life.
  • Experiencing the power of meditation has led me to commit to lifelong practice.

Individual Option: Bespoke 10-week MIND Mindfulness Coaching

Looking for a personalised wellbeing programme?

My one-to-one MIND Coaching is a bespoke 10-week programme that empowers you to bring mindfulness into your day-to-day and have it inform how you face life’s challenges, overcome your blocks, and gain greater authenticity and fulfilment.

You not only learn essential mindfulness techniques – you learn how to adapt them to your own needs for maximum personal growth.