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Master The Essentials of Mindfulness Meditation and Build a Solid Foundation in Spiritual Practice

The online Mindfulness Meditation For Beginners Course gives you 20+ lessons packed with advice and discoveries from leading meditation teachers, scientists and my own meditation experience.

This is a six-week journey into the most important mindfulness techniques and a profound exploration of yourself. Are you ready?

NOW ALSO INCLUDED: Course Workbook, Downloadable Audios, Six-Week Schedule, and Reading List – all designed to take your meditation practice to the next level.

Who Am I, And What’s In This Online Beginners Mindfulness Meditation Course?

Ross is a leading writer and educator in the self-transformation space. Thousands of people use his website, YouTube channel and products every month!

He has 7+ years of meditation experience including retreat practice, training with masters like Shinzen Young, Ken Wilber and Mahasi Sayadaw, and is a certified Meditation Instructor with the British School of Meditation.

I created this course so you can get a solid grounding in the fundamentals of mindfulness meditation, help you discover the power of meditation, and equip you with incredible tools to boost your well-being. I both demystify meditation and get very honest about its power.

What You Get… This Online Beginners Course Includes:

– 4.5+ hours of video covering the essential mindfulness practices, the keys to creating a solid practice, the benefits of meditation at all levels of practice, the best science behind meditation, and more!

– 5 downloadable guided meditations you can use wherever and whenever.

– a wealth of insights from world leaders in meditation and contemplative neuroscience, along with personal accounts of each of these techniques, helping you discover their power.

– a tonne of self-reflection exercises specifically designed to help you through this journey.

The videos are carefully designed to help you glimpse the power of meditation for yourself and find your inner inspiration to make this a cornerstone of your life.

It’s like I’m sitting next to you saying, “This is the really important stuff you need to learn now!”

Read on, then order below!

The Six-Week Schedule: Shine A Light On Your Mindfulness Meditation Journey And Deepen Your Understanding!

Also in The Mindfulness Meditation For Beginners Online Course… You get the all-important Six-Week Schedule:

– You have a clear routine to follow for this six-week programme,

– You can keep track of your daily sessions and make sure you’re practicing the right techniques,

– You get a huge motivational boost as you tick off your days.

Extra Course Workbook Inside

If you find mindfulness meditation empowering, you’ll love reflecting on your progress and developing a new relationship to this practice. In the workbook, I help you probe into your relationship with this practice, uncover your sticking points, and identify your new insights.

You’ll see yourself growing – and that’s crucial for your motivation. It’s what keeps you practicing meditation for months, years and decades.

What Will This Online Beginners Course Do For Your Mindfulness Meditation Practice?

The wealth of information on mindfulness in this course is a real feast for the budding meditator.

You’ll really enjoy progressing towards a state of wholeness, self-knowledge and integration.

You’ll have the structure and guidance you need to improve your knowledge of yourself at every step.

It’s like having me by your side making sure you don’t miss all the really important pieces of the puzzle!

The Six-Week Schedule and the Course Workbook are the ‘icing on the cake’ – the bridge between this theory and practical everyday actions that have you advance as a human being. I make sure you’re on track to an incredible spiritual practice, with ‘hacks’ and tips that you only know if you’ve been on this journey for years! I give you them all!

You’ll be well on your way to wholeness, integration, remarkable self-knowledge and true embodiment of meditative awareness, not detached theoretical understanding. 

Also Included: Your Free, Valuable Course Bonus Materials!

Downloadable Audios

You can download the audios for all the guided meditations we do in this course, meaning you have limitless access to them. This is gold. You can continue your practice and explore these techniques to deeper and deeper levels.

Bonus Reading List 

I asked myself which four books were essential to gaining deep understanding of meditation and deepening our practice. This reading list contains the best of the best, helping you develop an industrial-strength mindfulness practice.

5 Great Reasons To Get This Online Beginners Course

  1. This course is self-paced. You walk through the essentials of mindfulness practice with a seasoned meditator.
  2. You can revisit these videos whenever you want, enabling you to hone your understanding and solidify your skills.
  3. It’s well-structured and progressive: we start with the most basic practices and slowly build up, giving you a solid foundation in mindfulness.
  4. You’ll learn all my top tips how to make mindfulness a habit for the years and decades to come.
  5. Most important of all – you’ll develop the core skills required for industrial-strength mindfulness.


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