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20-Minute Breath Meditation: Free Guided Audio

Welcome to your free 20-minute meditation, guided by Deep Psychology Founder, meditator and meditation teacher, Ross Edwards BSc DipBSoM.

Whether you’re just starting out with meditation or have been practicing for many years, this guided breath meditation is an excellent practice.

I like to say that breath meditation is simple but not easy. Try it and you’ll see. The instructions are basic, almost simplistic, but it’s challenging to maintain your attention on your breathing and optimally deal with the challenges that come up.

I give you all the tips you need to get the most from this meditation, so give it a try.

Dive right in via the Spotify link below, or scroll further down if you’d like some tips on how to get set up and how to establish a daily practice.

20-Minute Meditation: Your Free Guided Audio

Listen to my 20-minute guided breath meditation on YouTube.

Tips for this 20-Minute Meditation

Set aside twenty minutes, and sit in a comfortable but dignified position in a relatively quiet environment. Whether you sit on a chair or on the floor, make sure you’re at ease and that your back is straight. Find the posture that’s right for you and follow these three tips to make it perfect.

During these periods, it’s good to keep external stimulation to a minimum so that’s it’s just you, your mind and your body.

Breathing meditation is a fundamental mindfulness practice. This is paying attention to the process of breathing in a special way while cultivating the three core skills of mindfulness.

It’s a remarkably simple exercise. But again, it’s far from easy when you’ve never deliberately trained these attention skills. And over the months and years, you come to realise the intricacies and endless possibilities wrapped in this deceptively simple exercise.

Though simple, breathing meditation is surpisingly powerful. Do this exercise every day for two weeks, then see if you’d like to commit to regular meditation. You can also mix it up with my free 30-minute guided sound meditation.

And remember – this is just a taste. The true power of mindfulness is revealed after years of daily practice.

The Long-Term Path

Meditation eventually becomes inseparable from the very unfolding of your life. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you’re in a meditative state. And your state of absoprtion deepens over time.

And though formal practice is like an incubator for our fledgling mindfulness skills, it serves us throughout the mindfulness journey as an intense form of training that’s separate from our obligations and routines.

To start, we practice in stillness, and our moments of full attention will only appear during this period in our day. The formal mode of practice allows us to slowly develop the three skills and begin integrating them into our daily functioning.

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